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Jeb Bush Takes a Stand on Wikipedia

By Eagle

The 2016 Republican Presidential primaries were closely contested and the last televised debate on the Saturday before the New Hampshire primary had the former governors attacking the non-governor candidates; trying to take Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz down a notch after their strong showing in Iowa; and the Washington outsiders attacking the Washington insiders. The candidates then fired off more attacks on the Sunday talk-show circuit, with each candidate using Monday to lay out their strategically formulated messages carefully crafted to swing last minute support in their favor the day before the critical Tuesday primary vote.

Jeb Bush

Image Credit C-SPAN – License – NC-Attribute

That Monday, February 8th, 2016, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush had his opportunity to make his closing case before the Rotary Club in Nashua New Hampshire with C-SPAN broadcasting his remarks. He started strong by first taking up an issue on the mind of everyone who reads this blog: Wikipedia’s unreliable biographies. Bush said:

Thank you all. Thank you very much. Did you go on Wikipedia to get that introduction? Yeah. So I got to tell my first story of being introduced by someone and they were trying to find things that they he… that they had in common… the guy gets up and says, ‘I’m tired of the regular kind of introduction, so I went on Wikipedia to find if I had anything in common with our guest speaker.’

And he proceeded then to go into this pretty lengthy introduction that I was an avid rock climber, and that I had a secret desire to be a movie star. Neither of which are completely true. I am from Florida, I

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