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Meet the editors: Meco

By Delicious carbuncle

Another in a in a series of blog posts highlighting lesser-known Wikipedia editors.

So far, I’ve introduced you to Wikipedia editors For An Angel (AKA Ospinad) and Crakkerjakk without revealing their real-life identities. This time I will be introducing you to Meco, who tells us on his Wikipedia user page that he is 48 year-old “Halvor aka Halvor Raknes aka Halvor Raknes Johansen aka Halvor R. Johansen” from Oslo, Norway.

Some background


You probably won’t remember this, but in 2010 it was revealed that Amazon.com had been selling an ebook entitled The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure. It made a great topic for discussion on the news networks. Faced with the predictable outrage, Amazon quickly pulled the book and everyone moved on. Of course, someone wrote an article about the book and its author in Wikipedia. As I recall, it was an excuse to air the author’s somewhat unusual views on relationships between children and adults. This article and the deletion discussion I started for it were where I first took notice of Meco.

Meco is an old-timer. He has been editing Wikipedia since 2006 and has over 50,000 edits on the English-language WP. As Meco’s user page notes, he was banned from the Norwegian-language Wikipedia in 2007. Of course, just because you have been banned on one Wikimedia Foundation project doesn’t mean you aren’t welcome on a different one.

In June 2009, Meco created the article for Sons, a film about “the conflict between a pederastic man and the boys with whom he has had intimate relationships”. In July 2012, Meco created an article on WP about a documentary called Are All Men Pedophiles?. This article had already been created and deleted twice before. Meco submitted the

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