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Wikipedia Roulette

by Zoloft


Sometimes I evaluate how Wikipedia is faring by playing a little game. You like games, don’t you? Let’s play a game…

Go to Wikipedia and just click on the ‘Random Article’ link—it’s on the left side of the page.

*CLICK* Iranian Directorate (T–H–L) Out-of-date, poorly sourced stub about a shadowy office in the Pentagon purportedly created in 2006 to undercut the government in Iran.

Following the links, it’s difficult to tell if this office even existed. The actual State Department office on Iran (which really is influential) is a redlink). [Editor’s note: a redlink on Wikipedia is a link that leads to page that is deceased or non-existent.]

Created by user Boud (T–C–L) in 2006, smacked around by other editors and bots, POV never approaching neutral.

*CLICK* Battle of Pirano (T–H–L)

A good article about a naval engagement, if a bit wordy, except for a glob

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