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Prologue: recently on the Wikipediocracy Forum, one of our esteemed founding members, Mr. dogbiscuit, wrote the following:

I think many people here sit back and think why am I doing this, as a grown man, brain the size of a planet and so on.

The answer in the end always comes down to the fundamental of the disgust we feel that Wikipedia is a wasted opportunity and the world is being openly lied to and those lies work.

There is the lie that Wikipedia’s system produces a sum greater than its parts, that it can invent knowledge out of ignorance; the lie that there is a thoughtful, caring community; the lie that Wikipedia is helping foster knowledge rather than insidiously destroying it. Jimbo is the enabler for that, and by now we cannot do anything but believe that he knowingly accepts the situation on Wikipedia and has no interest in solving Wikipedia’s problems, preferring instead to feather his own nest through the ill-perceived reputation of the project.

Jimbo is only one part of the corruption that is the WMF and Wikipedia community, but he chooses to be the figurehead for the status quo rather than the radical reformer.

So anyone with any honesty and decency struggles to walk away and let the lunatics not only take over the asylum, which they most surely have, but let them out into open society and be treated as world leaders (even if only of a tin-pot dictatorship).

Jimbo gets to go on the world stage and spout his nonsense purely off the back of the supposed success of Wikipedia.

How can you walk away when you understand what is going on here?

The following was written in response to dogbiscuit:



By Tim Davenport /// “Carrite” (Wikipedia username) /// “Randy from Boise”

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