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Russavia is Scott Bibby is russiansafetycards

By W. P. Beans


Let’s meet Scott Bibby, a person who, shall we say, has taken a strong interest in this Wikipedia criticism website.

You might know him better as Wikipedia editor Russavia. I say Wikipedia editor, but he’s actually banned on Wikipedia right now. That doesn’t stop Bibby from being a very active Wikimedia Commons admin and bureaucrat. It’s no secret that proud Russophile Scott Bibby is Russavia. Here’s Bibby identifying himself as Russavia and asking permission to use a photo on Wikipedia. Here’s Bibby cc’d on a message about Creative Commons Australia (Bibby lives in Perth, Western Australia, according to his Wikipedia user page). Bibby also uses @Russavia as his Twitter handle, although he hasn’t made any public tweets. Does it hurt when you tweet in public? (Oddly, he doesn’t use Russavia as his Facebook handle, he uses mudozvon. That roughly translates from Russian as “bullshitter”. Among the many domains that Bibby has owned is mudozvon.net.)


A rose by any other name would smell as sweet Bibby tried to get the Wikipedia article on Chanel perfume Coco Mademoiselle deleted. In the deletion discussion he says “I own and operate a fragrance business”. That was in January 2008 and the article was not deleted. In July, Bibby came back to the article and added a new reference – Heavenly Perfumes. Who owns Heavenly Perfumes? That’s right – it’s Scott Bibby! Well, it seems to be registered to his dad, but that’s the business he was referring to in his earlier comment.

Why would Scott Bibby’s dad Graeme Bibby be listed as the contact if Scott owns the company? Maybe it is because it is a family business. After all, the trademark for Heavenly Perfumes is owned by JGSB Pty Limited.

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