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Wikipedia: All murdered Israeli children are murdered by… Arabs

By Sam Lee


Wikipedia organizes its article topics into categories, which assists the reader in locating articles related to a general field of interest… or, it helps propagandists to consolidate their preferred bias over a broad topic area, depending on your point of view. If you look at Category:Murdered Israeli children (T–H–L) you will note that all the listed 32 articles in this category have one thing in common: they were killed by Arabs, or, in a case where the killer has not been apprehended; were suspected of being killed by an Arab.

Now this is strange, as it is a sad fact that in the industrialised world, the majority of murdered children are killed by a parent, or other next of kin. Take the US, for example, where more than half of all infanticides (killing of children less than the age of 5) are committed by a parent, while only 10-20% are committed by a stranger, or by parties unknown.

Alas, if you follow the Israeli media, you will soon find that there is no lack of children being killed by a family member there, either. A study in 2010 showed that 40 Israeli children had been killed by a parent in the previous 7 years.

And after that, we have had:

2010: Omer, 10 years old, Roni, 8, and Or, 5, killed by their father, Itay Ben Dror 2013: Yahav, 5 and Eden, 3, killed by their father, Eli Gur 2013: Igor, 7, and Mira, 5 , killed by their mother, Karina Brill 2014: Yishai, 11, and Sara, 10, killed by their father, Avi Levy

Alas, these children will never get their own pages on Wikipedia. They were not killed by Arabs.

Almost the same goes for Category:Israeli murder

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