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Everything you never needed to know about bras (but Wikipedia will tell you, anyway)

By Mimmie

Having used a bra for some decades, I thought I knew a bit about them. That was until I hit the Wikipedia page for bras, called Brassiere (T–H–L), which, incredibly, is perceived as one of Wikipedia’s best articles, and gets viewed 1200+ times a day.


As of this writing, the article looks like this. As I read it, my eyes just became larger, and larger … at the end they felt like the size of an LL-cup. The article is filled with statements about bras which make them sound like modern-day torture instruments, which women only wear because of social pressure or vanity.

Where to begin? Let’s start just at the introduction: “other research has shown that going braless may also eliminate pain,” it proclaims.

Really? Perusing the article, I find a section entitled Bra-free relief from pain, citing a hodgepodge of studies.

For instance: According to a study published in the Clinical Study of Pain, large-breasted women can reduce back pain by going braless. Of the women participating in the study, 79% decided to stop wearing bras completely.

Sounds credible? Right. It is cited to a book called “The Secret of Health: Breast Wisdom.” Alas, searching a bit further, you find that the book also promotes Dressed to Kill (book) (T–H–L), published to promote a theory which has been totally debunked, that wearing bras causes cancer.

The reliability of this source just went through the floor. But that does not stop it being used on Wikipedia!

And so it goes.

Oh, but wait. There is a study that promotes the conclusion that back pain is reduced by not wearing a bra: Ryan (2000). Alas, that study does not have a control-group! And it is rather elementary that no conclusions

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