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Confessions of a Living Person

By Frank Sanello, Living Person and subject of a Wikipedia biographical article

Editor’s note: Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to read is true. Only the names have been changed (to WikiPseudonyms) to protect the guilty.

One of the many arenas of battle at Wikipedia is the question of “notability” of public figures; are they sufficiently “notable” (i.e., have they attracted enough media coverage) to merit the glorious distinction of a Wikipedia biographical article? There have been many puerile debates at Wikipedia over whether to “keep” or “delete” such articles.

This guest post by a Wikipedia biography subject provides an insight into how the Wikipedia sausage is made. Opinions expressed are those of the author.  


In 2011, Wikipedia editor Bonadea nominated my bio on Wikipedia for deletion because it was only a stub. I got my college boyfriend, now 64 and terminally ill with pancreatic cancer, to use his Wiki username to cut and paste my Wiki article that makes me sound like a Nobel laureate! The decision in 2011, after I pumped up my bio via my dying friend, was KEEP.

It says that at the top of my Wiki bio! But a week or so ago, Mlpearc, a high school dropout and blue-collar worker, nominated my Wiki bio for “speedy deletion” despite the fact that once the decision to KEEP has been made, the article can no longer be nominated for speedy deletion.

Mlpearc obviously didn’t bother to read the 2011 post about the KEEP decision when he (re)nominated my Wiki bio for deletion. I contacted one of my few allies/Wiki editors, REVENT.

I went into the help chat room and hysterically begged REVENT to stop my speedy deletion. He “talked me down” by informing

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