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Hillary Yoghurt Rodham Clinton – Wikipedia and Titles

by Cornpone T. McGillicutty


It’s that time of year again, when the sun shines brightly in the sky. A time of burgeoning hope and celebration.

Time to decide again for another year whether the Wikipedia article on the previous U.S. Secretary of State, former Senator from New York, wife of former President Bill Clinton, candidate for President of the United States, should be called ‘Hillary Rodham Clinton’ or ‘Hillary Clinton.’

…and you thought you had spent a few days without doing anything useful?

One participant in this bun fight earlier wrote an essay called the Yogurt Principle.

Not only does this essay describe a seven-year battle to decide whether the popular fermented milk product should be called Yoghurt or Yogurt, listed therein are several more titular wrangles, such as city names, powerful and fabulous people (Napoleon and Beyoncé) and movie titles.

Oh yes, movie titles. *guffaws*

A nasty recent one not mentioned in

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