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How Jimmy Wales rode Tony Blair’s coattails

By Gregory Kohs

If you’ve heard of Jimmy Wales, there’s little doubt that you know him for his 2001 role in helping to set up Wikipedia, a site beloved by common folk trying to settle bar bets, while loathed for its inaccuracy by many in the academic world. However, Wikipedia is in decline — long touted as the world’s 5th or 6th most popular global website — with a 6% drop in American readers in April, it has slipped down to the 16th most popular site among U.S. web users (according to Quantcast). Jimmy Wales’ star was diminishing, so what’s a web celebrity to do? One might say that Jimbo (as he’s affectionately called on Wikipedia) decided to hitch his wagon to another horse, in order to stay in the global spotlight and make a fair bit of cash in the process. Who was this new engine of Jimmy Wales’ resurgance? None other than

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