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Cover-up begins in Wikipedia’s Gibraltar scandal

By Gregory Kohs

Over the past few weeks, the worldwide media has finally cottoned to the fact that certain leaders and members of the non-profit Wikimedia UK charity have been exploiting Wikipedia on the side for personal financial gain. Wikimedia UK director and trustee, Roger Bamkin, has been marketing his Victuallers Ltd consulting service to paying clients like the town of Monmouth, Wales and the territory of Gibraltar.


These clients signed up with Bamkin in the hopes that he would inspire more editors to create glowing Wikipedia articles that would help boost tourism in those locales. And he did successfully manipulate Wikipedia to the pleasure of his clients, judging by the ample evidence presented on Wikipedia, on the Wikimedia UK’s mailing list, and on the leading Wikipedia criticism site,Wikipediocracy.* Now that some of the most widely-read news organizations in Spain, inFrance, in America, and finally in the United Kingdom

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How to use Wikipedia to promote your business: tit torture edition

By Tippi Hadron and tarantino

Matt Nicholson, in his own words, is a breast man. In fact, he considers himself a bit of an expert on “tit torture” and claims to have written hundreds of short stories with a focus on this BDSM practice. He also runs a small web-based company called Darker Pleasures through which he publishes his writings. Darker Pleasures specialises in fiction “for dominant men or women men who dream of cutting loose, where sex is as rough as you want it, and your plaything’s breasts, bottom, and everything else are toys to enjoy, bend and, dare we say, break.”


Business must have been bad in 2007, because Nicholson decided to help matters along by advertising his site on the PR professional’s website of choice – Wikipedia. He created the user account DPMaster, but unlike other editors contributing to the site, Nicholson made no secret of

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